Welcome to the MCP and MP&WM.

MCP: Mythen Corporate Projects is a business organisation that focuses on the development of clinical, medical and research solutions for the end application of better quality of life. With a strong focus on healthcare via clinical and technological means - we are in the persuit of helping people develop ways of improving the quality of life.

MP&WM: Mythen Publishing & Web Media is a seperate devision that focuses on providing the web based platforms for clinical, medical and general business applications. With a focus on web based systems for clients coupled with cloud based solutions - our focus is to being information to a global market while providing a platform for information and research.

Both organisations work on seperate and joint programs to utilise aspects of each corporate focus in order to provide the best consulatation and services for our customers.




 Consultation & Innovation striving for a Strong Future

County Wicklow
Republic of Ireland